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L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc. (since 2002) -- Mr. Crowley has provided analytical support for both market place and litigation projects sponsored by L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc. The analytical support included the gathering, review and manipulation of data from the major Class I railroads, the Surface Transportation Board and various other government and public sources. Specifically, the analyses conducted by Mr. Crowley have included the development of the transportation costs associated with the movement of coal to different electric utilities located throughout the country.

Mr. Crowley has also assisted in developing the return on road property investment realized by major western railroads for specific sections of rail. These studies were used in variable, avoidable, and stand-alone cost analyses. He has forecasted transportation revenues included in transportation contracts entered into by major electric utility companies, taking into account the escalation factors used in specific contracts. Additionally, Mr. Crowley has reviewed virtually all major transportation coal contracts between eastern and western railroads and the major consumers of coal in the United States. The results of this review were presented to the Surface Transportation Board.

Mr. Crowley has experience with the Surface Transportation Board's Simplified Standards For Rail Rate Cases issued in Ex Parte 646 (Sub No. 1). He has done extensive work with the revised guidelines for Non-Coal Proceedings, which incorporates a three benchmark methodology. This methodology includes calculations using the Revenue Shortfall Allocation Method (RSAM), in which Mr. Crowley was trained by members of the Surface Transportation Board. Mr. Crowley also has extensive experience with the Surface Transportation Board's recently revised Full Stand Alone Cost Procedures.

Mr. Crowley has composed and managed the gathering and manipulation of data originating at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC"). Specifically, these analyses include the development of the delivered costs of fuels to various utilities located throughout the United States. Mr. Crowley has extensive knowledge and experience with FERC data, which is utilized with a majority of our clients.

Mr. Crowley has also been involved with Anti-Trust regulations and is familiar with procedures used in developing support for Anti-Trust litigation.

Mr. Crowley also has participated in a field study which analyzed the delivered cost for a utility located along a river to receive coal via a barge or by constructing a bridge to have rail access. The field work included scouting the ports along the river where the coal would be unloaded from rail to barge as well scouting the locks and dams along the river in which the barge would be traversing. Mr. Crowley also inspected the unloading facilities at the coal plant to analyze the best possible options for receiving the coal. The final results of the study included estimations of barge transportation rates, unloading facility costs, bridge and track construction costs as well as a cost benefit analysis to determine the best options available.

Previous Related Experience -- Mr. Crowley was employed by The Washington Redskins as an intern in the marketing department in 2000. There he managed suite and club level clients and attended to daily operations at the stadium.


Mr. Crowley received a B.S., cum laude, in Management with a concentration in Finance from Boston College in 2001.

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