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Electric Power Consulting

Electric Power Consulting
Electric power markets in the United States are seeing significant changes recently with the maturity of standard market designs, stricter environmental compliance requirements, and aging power plants. An understanding of electricity markets is crucial to making decisions around power generating assets, power sales, and power hedging. L.E. Peabody & Associates, Inc. provides owners of power assets an understanding of asset value and risk as well as support for economic decisions needed to optimize asset and portfolio value. The Firm’s experience and capabilities are based on a unique combination of business acumen, analytical skills and communication skills.

Our experience is based on years of quantifying and optimizing value around electric generating assets, including specific experience with unit bidding and dispatch, trading, origination, supply and transportation of fuel, contract management, regulatory affairs and strategic analysis covering a number of electricity markets throughout the United States. Our services include asset value and risk assessments, power and fuel contract structuring and negotiations, portfolio hedging strategies, policy impact analyses and budget forecasting. We rely on proprietary databases and tools to quantify the real option value of power assets and to assess market supply and demand drivers in determining where an asset sits in its market.

Examples of Electric Power Experience …
  • Real option asset valuations with dispatch simulation
  • Market assessments utilizing generation stack analysis
  • Portfolio risk assessment and hedging strategies
  • Cost-based contract analysis and negotiation
  • Market and environmental policy impact analyses

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