Natural Gas Supply and Transportation

Natural Gas Natural gas markets have seen signficant changes in the past decade with advancements in production methods that have led to the United States having several significant production regions. As pipeline capacity catches up with production increases, natural gas markets will continue to see downward pressure on prices and more supply and transportation options for consumers until supply and demand approach an equilibrium.
The Firm has been providing electric utilities with support for their natural gas supply decisions for over 20 years. For our clients, the Firm analyzes fuel production costs and the determination of the relationship of such costs to market prices and existing fuel supply agreements. We also focus on the interrelationships among fuel supply, fuel transportation and related equipment and infrastructure needs to improve our clients' position within power production markets. Natural Gas
Fuel Supply Pipeline The Firm has helped clients negotiate transportation rates and has helped clients match natural gas transportation service levels to electric generation facility needs. We have also developed natural gas procurement plans for electric utility clients. These plans consider the client's tolerance for risk and ability to manage volume uncertainty. These procurement plans typically involve the use of financial hedging to manage natural gas price and volume risk and to ensure that the management of natural gas risk is aligned with the management of overall risk for the generating facility.

Examples of Natural Gas Supply and Transportation Experience …
  • Natural gas supply and transportation contract negotiations
  • Analysis of pipeline options for electric utilities
  • Matching of transportation service levels to electric generator needs
  • Development of commodity procurement and hedging strategies
  • Commodity and basis price forecasting

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