Market Assessments

L. E. Peabody & Associates, Inc. understands the need for decision makers involved with the services and commodities market to comprehend supply, demand, pricing and costing issues. Our expertise includes the ability to assess competitive markets through the analysis of supply, demand, correlated markets and regulatory constraints to arrive at market views specific to client needs. Our data are based on the aggregation of public information, internal knowledge and experience, and our proprietary views on market drivers, both current and future.

Many of our market assessments examine not only what we expect to happen but what might happen if existing drivers change or if new drivers are introduced to markets, such as potential environmental compliance or market design regulations. This type of risk assessment is easily constructed with the proper structuring of a fundamental model plus the proper modeling of correlated variables.

Our market assessments also consider drivers that may be specific to a client's disposition but not to the market in general, such as equipment/facility characteristics and access to transmission, rail, water, pipelines, etc.
Market Assessments

Examples of Market Assessment Experience …
  • Electric power generation stack development
  • Coal production cost modeling
  • Natural Gas uncertainty assessments
  • Cost-based Transportation services

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